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Quick chop! Just add fruit/vegetables and with just a press of a button, it's all done in no time!

Pare down prep time! Prepare your favourite recipie quicker.

It's Fast! Fruit and veggie chunks are ready to jump in your recipe right away.

High quality stainless steel precision-cut blades for long lasting performance.

Go wireless! Charge now, use later. (USB charging supported).

Sleek Design that blends in well with your kitchen & shelves.

Travel friendly. Now enjoy the best chopping experience even if you go camping!

Easy to clean.


Blend, Chop, Grind, Mix, Split or Dice! Flickchop does it all works like a charm.

Speed adjustment: 3 gears

Capacity: 250ml and 100ml available

Rated voltage: 3V

Rated frequency: 5HZ

Rated power: 5W

Power: 50W

Speed: Adjustable (>4000rpm)

Mixing blade: Double Precicion-cut Blades

Usage: Semi-Automatic

How to Use

Operating your Flickchop is about as easy as it gets:

• Make sure your Flickchop is charged.

• Throw in some sliced veggies or meat.

• Pop on the Head of the copper.

• And with just a press of the button on the chopper's head, see the magic happen!

Cleaning Tips

How to perfectly clean your Flickchop:

1. Fill the blender halfway with hot water from the tap or a kettle.

2. Add a few drops of dish soap to the carafe. (Optionally, add half a lemon.)

Pop on the lid and run the blender on high for one to two minutes.

4. Pour the contents into the sink.

5. Rinse the carafe and lid in the sink with warm water.

6. Fill the carafe once more with hot or warm water.

7. Place the carafe back on the blender base and run it for another minute.

8. Rinse the lid and carafe once more and set aside to dry.

9. If there is anything still stuck you may have to run a sponge over it lightly and rinse. Try not to use a metal scrubber as it will scratch the plastic.

10. Carefully clean the blades separately if necessary.

Slice through your favorite fruits, vegetables and meat faster than ever before! The Flick Chop takes raw ingredients and chops them into perfect pieces in seconds without any effort or mess. Use it as an addition to your kitchen countertop or table top, or give it to your family members as a gift! Because everyone needs a useful and hassle free chopper in their kitchen!

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Chopping made Easy

Take your Flickchop along and enjoy the best wireless chopping experience even when you go camping! Prepare those recipies in a 'Flick'.

Anytime, anywhere!

Why Flickchop?

Cleverly designed to NOT look like your typical everyday grinder

Say NO to twisted wires. GO wireless!

Hassle free chopping and grinding

Easy to use, Easy to clean

Powerful and fast

Travel Friendly