About Us

Our Story

Born from a simple idea of our teammate's brilliant thinking and camping enthusiasm. All he wanted was, to enjoy his ham burger near a river with his 2 besties and his dog. And that day, an idea of a wireless and powerful grinder was born. The real challenge was to make it not look like your normal everyday chopper. Well, our team of designers took it upon themselves to make the most beautiful and unique looking chopper that ever existed. Hence, we gave the honor of naming the tech to our team of designers and today, FLICKCHOP is ready to complete your everyday chopping needs.

Who are We?

Flickchop is a quality household electronic store developed and maintained by Zenixha CO. We at Zenixha, aim to provide the best services and high quality products at one place. With the help of our extraordinary team of designers and technicians, brainstorming everyday to design new products that can make your day to day life easy.


Flickchop by Zenixha Co.

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